208 W. Patrick St., Frederick, MD 21701

208 W. Patrick St., Frederick, MD 21701

Joshua Dell

Medical Qigong Practitioner

Qigong Instructor

joshua dell

Qi-Gong is an ancient form of exercise and body awareness. It addresses the fact that traumas in our life create the way we walk through life and hold our body. They also affect the our viewpoint and our way of living. Qi-Gong gives you a perspective with which to view your life. Tai Chi is much more recent, only 500years old but takes the basics of the martial arts related to Qi-Gong and turns it into a graceful and balanced dance. Qi-Gong is like its name, energy work. It is a moving meditation that takes these traumas and allows you to release them while working on your body’s need to move fluids and stretch muscle. You begin by warming up, then tapping to break up the turbid Qi resting in the muscles and the joints. Next you purge the stagnant Qi. Then bring in new Qi concentrating on bringing energy and light through visualizations to the organs and using sound to disperse old emotions.  I’ve always been amazed what a great tool this is to self awareness. I’ve found parts of my body and have used the calming of emotions to get through situations that require much equanimity. Fun too.

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